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Which is better, lower price or lower interest rate?

Which is better? In a buyer’s market, buyers wait for signs that prices are going lower. In a seller’s market, buyers don’t wait because they’re afraid prices will go higher. Both markets move on the fear of paying too much. Right now, buyers have the best of both worlds – home prices have rolled back to nearly […]


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Gong Fu
4-16-14 8:00 pm - Tandang Garimot Martial Arts & Wellness
Chicago Chinese Martial Arts Meetup

Gong Fu is a complete fighting system incorporating the four major elements of any martial arts training (kicking, punching, wrestling, Chin Na). Our program trains 3 main styles of traditional Gong Fu: Shaolin Long Fist, Eagle Claw and White Crane....

BBR Chicago Thursday Morning Business Networking Breakfast
4-17-14 7:15 am - Ann Sather
Connections With Power   Get More Referrals. Get More Leads. Get More Sales.   What Makes BBR Chicago So Exceptional? BBR Chicago is a networking organization representing a variety of companies, dedicated to building business relationships. In our...

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