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Which is better, lower price or lower interest rate?

Which is better? In a buyer’s market, buyers wait for signs that prices are going lower. In a seller’s market, buyers don’t wait because they’re afraid prices will go higher. Both markets move on the fear of paying too much. Right now, buyers have the best of both worlds – home prices have rolled back to nearly […]


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Community Events

Meet us for a 45-minute morning fitness walk!

South Loop Weekday Morning Walking for Fitness Meetup

This group is for anyone who wants to start a routine of comfortable, but brisk walking in the morning to get in shape and launch a healthier lifestyle. We meet in the South Loop three times a week and are walking our way to better health all...

Labor Day Bike and Brunch

UIC Area Fitness Meetup

We're mixing things up with a Labor Day bike ride!  The plan is to start at the UIC Forum, ride over to the Lake Shore path, and head south (where it's hopefully less crowded).  We can go to the Japanese Gardens and grab brunch down in that...

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